Geschäftsführung und Vorstand

Valerie Karima Djurhuus (she/her/they/them)

Founder & Managing Director

Carolina Cabrera (she/her/they/them)

Product Analyst

As a queer Muslima she* dedicates her work to create more visibility to identities that should be part of the norm. Valerie studied Middle-eastern Studies and Management and has been working with Managing Cultural Educational projects for the last few years in Berlin. Their contributions to Loom are their intersections and layers of identity, and the ability to translate those experiences for the sake of education with youth as well as adult spaces. She* creates projects that further narratives from her communities and also does so through writing and teaching, managing ongoing projects and cooperate with partners on community building. The intersections of Anti-muslim racism and Gender Identity politics are her main pillars of work.

Carolina Cabrera John is a third-generation Black woman fighter from Venezuela.
Positionality and intersectionality have given meaning to her life,

and now she claims that it all makes sense. Once in Berlin, she focused on cultural studies, opened her heart and mind to post-colonial studies and critical race theory and never looked
back. Now, she is trying to find a way to bring all of these issues back home,

make it understandable, create community, and keep learning.

Lucy Alice Thomas

CEO bei Give Something Back to Berlin

Sibulele Ngomane (she/her/they/them)

Development Economist

Lucy Alice Thomas ist Geschäftsleitung

der sozialen und kulturellen Organisation "Give Something Back to Berlin".

Lucy hat in London European Studies und

Politik an der Kings College London

und in Berlin Kinder & Menschen-

rechte an der FU studiert.

Lucy widmet sich seit 7 Jahren den Thema

Integration und Kultur sowie Inklusion auf

nationaler sowie internationaler Ebene,

verknüpft dies an die Wirtschaft wie auch Politik. Als Musikerin und sozial-politische Aktivistin unterstützt Lucy zudem

das Team von DICE Konferenz und Festival (ehemals We Make Waves) sowie einer

Vielzahl an KünstlerInnen der GSBTB

Open Music School, andere Neu-BerlinerInnen und ist aktiv in verschiedenen Berlin-politischen Themen.

Vorher war sie in Brüssel, London, Berlin im

Public Affairs und Human Rights Bereich

tätig. Zusätzlich Dozentin und Public Speaker für Entrepreneurship, Social Business sowie

Integration, Migrationspolitik sowie

bürgerschaftliches Engagement. 

Originally from South Africa,  Sibulele is a development economist who is interested in the( sometimes complicated) intersection of technology, race and gender.  Excited by entrepreneurship, after her BA in Global Economics and Management,  she moved to Berlin to work in tech where she discovered her passion for diversity and inclusion through using technology for good. Combining all these interests and her multiple volunteer experiences in NGOs , Sibulele has founded “Soyama Network”, a professional networking platform for immigrant women in Germany.

Currently, Sibulele is completing an MSc. in Development Economics at SOAS, University of London - a leading institute for Asian, Middle Eastern and African studies.



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